Undergraduate enrollment: 14,778

ACT composite: 27-32

Percent of applicants admitted: 59%

SAT composite: 1230-1380

Tuition estimate for on-campus: $60,135

What were your reasons for attending Syracuse University? 

I chose Syracuse University (SU) because I was admitted into the Sport Management program at Falk College, one of, if not the top programs in the country. SU is the perfect combination of a sports-oriented and spirited school. Coming from The Bay (one of the most populated high schools in Florida), I wanted to attend a university where the class size was much smaller so one could feel genuinely close to their professors and classmates. I feel as if  Syracuse is the perfect fit for me in terms of size, the population of students, and also just the overall distance between buildings/dorms. Before making my final decision on where to attend, I toured the SU campus and I was amazed at the campus and the Sport Management program, which overall made the choice of choosing Syracuse University so much easier.

What are you majoring in? 

One of the main reasons I chose Syracuse was their sports management program. Since I was young, I have always known that I wanted to have some type of career in sports. I love the program because it exposes me to all different types of career paths in the​​ sports industry, such as marketing, operations, and sales. This program here at Syracuse University is exactly what I was looking for and I know it will lead me to fulfill my passion in the near future. I truly have no idea what I desire my profession to be in the future. However, this is why I came to SU; to figure out the potential career paths in the sports industry and which one makes the most sense for me. 

What do you like about the campus itself? 

One major aspect of the campus that is appealing to me is how everything is located a short distance away; nothing is truly more than a three-minute walk. My dorm is also close to a lot of popular restaurants, so that is definitely a plus. I was deciding between the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University and Syracuse, but one of the biggest factors was how beautiful the Syracuse campus was during my visit. Also, how can a major sports fan, like myself, deny having the JMA Wireless Dome right next door?

Do you feel like college or high school is easier academically?

There are definitely classes that have less homework and more actual in-class activities in college. College is more of a lecture and learning-based environment where tests are a massive part of grades. Compared to high school, classwork and homework are what ultimately influence one’s final grade. However, Cypress does a great job of preparing students for college, you never feel overwhelmed in terms of academics.

How can you describe your transition to college? Was it overwhelming?

 Leading up to actually attending college, I was definitely super stressed and anxious. I was specifically nervous about living in a new place where I knew absolutely nobody. I feel like the overall sense of being on my own for the first time and making new friends are extremely stressful. I found myself thinking too much about the four years ahead rather than just focusing on the first day. So, I told myself to take it in one day at a time; and five weeks later, I settled in and found an amazing group of friends. It was definitely overwhelming in terms of the social scene and meeting so many new people; but over time, everything eased in naturally and I found my people.

What is your favorite aspect of college so far?

My favorite aspect of college so far is the friends that I have made. Only five to six weeks in, I have already found a solid group of friends that I connect with. Next semester, I rush into a fraternity which I am super excited about, and can’t wait to make even more friends. My friends and I have become super close in a decently small amount of time which is kind of surprising to me, but activities like going to the gym have brought us even closer together. 

What classes are you taking this year? Do you enjoy them? 

I am taking Sport Management 205, Writing 105, Probability and Stats, Spanish, and First Year Seminar. I really enjoy Sport Management because my professor makes the class interesting with his past experiences in the field and all the different stories he explains in great detail and this really inspires me. Also, in this class, there are many guest speakers which makes the class very fun and exciting. Most of my classes have helped me to meet more people and this overall makes my experience here at Syracuse University a lot better.