At The Bay, both students and teachers take part in diverse outlets that allow them to showcase their creativity. These consist of individual hobbies or activities that help them practice their self-expression and passion. Senior Andrea Davila expresses herself through the medium of fashion design. She said her hobby is making clothes that are first shown in pictures and then brought to life.

“I enjoy designing clothes that I want to wear and would love to see others wear,” Davila said. “I love using watercolor and analyzing the mechanics of how the clothing will be functional.”

Photo submitted by Andrea Davila

Other people at The Bay also take part in expanding their creative palettes by involving themselves in the world of art. AP Art History teacher, Marcella Giordano, said that she shows how much she loves art by visiting museums and architecture from all over the world that even apply as part of her curriculum. 

“I enjoy learning about art from different cultures, traditions, and practices and it is something that has always captured me,” Giordano said. “It is these cultural differences that make us  and the artwork unique which I find really intriguing to look at.”

Davila said she uses a scheme for her clothing designs pertinent to the emotions and moods that revolve around her. She said the most enjoyable part of the process is coming up with how she will form and deliver her creations.

 “I find passion in the process of developing a fashion collection and it gives me a sense of freedom that I value so much,” Davila said. “Creating designs, choosing fabrics, and creating mood boards gives me unexplainable joy as a designer.”

Giordano said studying and learning about various cultures and practices within artwork is an activity that allows her to admire the world and how humans use art as a form of communication. She said she has visited a multitude of art museums and artworks, such as the Tarquinia National Museum, which encases ancient Etruscan pieces, and the Great Serpent Mound, which encompasses American Indian culture. 

“I love seeing how other people interpret their world and culture and how individuals in ancient cultures lived and created art to encompass their beliefs,” Giordano said. “It is the next best thing to having a time machine.” 

Contrasting with a fine arts outlet, senior Joud Al Sulaiman has a passion for technology and created a business affiliated with his interest: EzTech. He said it all started when he broke his video game console and decided to start his own business from his experience.

I first learned how to customize the console and then learned how to install software,” Al Sulaiman said. “After I did that, I realized other people enjoy customized consoles as well so I began selling them.”

Al Sulaiman said he finds technology to be truly engaging; he has been investing in EzTech for four years now. He said he was able to sell hundreds of consoles internationally by manipulating the console systems and changing standard features.

After growing up with such a fascination with console systems, I wanted it to impact others the way it impacted me,” Al Sulaiman said. “There is nothing more rewarding than taking something outdated and modernizing it to meet the specific needs of sophisticated consumers.”