The Bay’s Student Government Association (SGA) is constantly planning activities for the student body to participate in during their lunch time. Before students headed off on their two-week-long winter break, SGA hosted a week filled with fun activities revolving around a winter/holiday theme. With activities like “guess the holiday song” and “funky sock display” to participate in, students like senior Sammy Nudelman, spent their lunches with their friends hovering around the brightly decorated booths.

“Guess the holiday song was a super fun activity that me and my friends could not stop playing,” Nudelman said. “After all, who doesn’t love the classic ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ and ‘Santa Claus Is Coming To Town?’”

Junior Jenna Savitz, who also said that her favorite activity was “guess the holiday song,” worked on preparing these activities. She spent her lunches hanging out around the booth and even hosting some of the activities. Students enjoyed these activities for many different reasons but Savitz said that her favorite part about it was how it affected her.

“It made me feel like my committee and I’s hard work in planning for each activity paid off as the student body seemed to have enjoyed them,” Savitz said. “It allows the school as a whole to feel the holiday spirit and come together, it also creates a fun vibe that gets the Bay students excited for winter break ahead.”

English teacher Castellanos passed by the courtyard while students played “Guess that holiday song” and said that she loved the vibes that she got from the group. This is her first year teaching at the Bay and she said that the activities are one of her favorite parts of this year. She said that it was uplifting to see the students so happy.

“Music is always fun and entertaining. It puts us in a good mood. Having the ‘Guess the Holiday Song’ activity got students moving to the rhythm of the music and also engaging their thinking skills,” Castellanos said. “Music is great for the body and mind [and] lifts our spirits [while] encouraging socializing.”

Although Savitz said she thought the activities went great, there are a few things that she would’ve added. Having worked on the committee for these activities, she knows what went into creating and planning this event.

“I think [the activities] have improved in that they become more exciting each year and more and more students participate and have fun with them,” Savitz said. “But possibly including more prizes to give away at each booth to continue to get students excited and wanting to participate would’ve made the students even more engaged.”

Teaching assistant Zuckerman spent lots of time in the courtyard with her students. During this time they participated in all the activities and games possible; she said she had a very fun time doing so, as she does with all the activities throughout the year.

“The activities that we have during lunch are one of the many reasons why I love the atmosphere and vibe at our school. There are a plethora of clubs for anyone and everyone here which I believe makes the students feel accepted, included and interested” Zuckerman said. “If the club does not exist, then you can start one! This scenario has been done in past years and currently, where students can get together, along with willing staff, to start clubs of interest that have been a success, not to mention great on their college entrance resume!”