A new, authentic Ecuadorian flavor opened its doors to the public on Dec 2, 2022 in Weston’s Town Center. The smaller chain, which has more than 75 locations in Ecuador, one in Doral/Miami and now one in Weston, has found a way to excel in finding the perfect breakfast or snack options even with its slightly limited menu. 

Because of the Ecuadorian delicacy of dipping and eating pan de yuca with yogurt, Naturissimo offers a variety of combo options to better pair their menu options at better deals and different sizes to fit the needs of every customer. The restaurant offers a Perfect Combo, Natu Break, Family Combo and a Natulover Combo for each of their menu items.

Naturissimo is famous for their pan de yuca (cassava bread) and yogurt, but they also offer filled pan de yuca, corn tortitas, plantain tortitas, sweet plantain tortitas and muchin (cassava cheese fingers.) Their yogurt also comes with different flavor options such as Ecuadorian blackberry, banana, soursop, passion fruit, mango, peach, coconut, strawberry, natural, naranjilla, guava, and plum. 

Their pan de yuca always tastes fresh and warm. The exterior layer may contain a bit

 too much salt for some people’s liking, but the quality of the crispy outside and warm, fluffy inside is something no one could deny. The pan de yuca is seasoned well and is made with enough cheese to maintain a thick consistency yet still find a way to melt in your mouth with each bite.

Similar in quality, the corn tortita is always fresh and flavorful along with the rest of their menu. The tortitas sustain the perfect balance between being sweet and savory, as some corn products are known to taste too artificially sweet or not enough. At the center of the tortita is a piece of warm cheese which finds a way to melt with the chunks of corn in the corn bread. 

In addition to their solid food items on the menu, their in-house blended yogurt smoothies are made authentically and with great quality. The yogurt, especially the passion fruit, is neither too sweet nor tangy. With slight sugar and a base of personal choice added, such as low-fat yogurt or almond milk, it is limitlessly customizable to keep the customer pleased with the experience. 

Despite their limited, yet well-crafted selection, the overall experience and atmosphere within the restaurant makes up for it entirely. Upon arrival, the establishment is clean, well-lit and decorated simply, but meaningfully, with images of their menu items and the origin of Naturissimo along its walls. 

The service is also exceptional as the servers seem well-informed on the restaurant’s products and are friendly and inviting. Once the order has been placed, either online, through a mobile device or in person, one could expect it to be prepared in less than fifteen minutes and exactly how it was ordered to begin with.  The effort put into the opening of another branch in this developing chain is apparent and should be celebrated. 

5/5 Stars