Lipton tea bag

Singleton carries around a Lipton tea bag in her backpack. She was gifted it as a joke by her friends at the Bay’s International Fest and has left it in her backpack since

“The irony of my friends gifting me this teabag is they all know how much I hate drinking tea and since the International Fest, I have been instructed by them to keep it in my bag. Their reasoning towards me leaving it in there until the end of the year is that it could come in handy one day if someone was ever craving tea, but I highly doubt this day will ever come. If you need tea, let me know!”


Truffula pencil

A Truffula is the name of a tree from the movie “The Lorax,” and Singleton’s fourth-grade teacher made her a pencil inspired by one.

Singleton has made sure to put in it her backpack before the first day of school every year since. She said it has been a prized possession of hers for a long time and having it around makes her feel better.

“My Truffula pencil is incredibly special to me as it was made by my favorite teacher. I honestly believe this pencil brings me good luck because every time I have it on me during a test, I pass it.” 


Ariana Grande’s Sweet Like Candy perfume 

Singleton was gifted Ariana Grande’s “Sweet Like Candy” perfume on Christmas and keeps it inside her school bag at all times. This perfume was inspired by Ariana Grande’s personality and has notes of sugar-frosted blackberry, Italian bergamot and pear.  She said it is her favorite scent to wear.

“Ariana Grande is my favorite artist and when I was given this perfume, I could not have been happier. I love the way it smells so I keep it in my backpack to make sure I smell good all day long.”


Magic 8 ball 

Another item Singleton keeps in her backpack is a magic 8 ball. A magic 8 ball is a fortune-telling sphere that if a person asks a question and then shakes the sphere, will give a response. She says having it in her bag brings her comic relief throughout the day and provides her with advice.

“I’m going to be honest, I do not remember how this got inside my backpack. I just remember one time in ASL (American Sign Language) Class, when I opened my backpack to get my notebook, it was there and it gave me the biggest laugh ever. I kept it in there ever since and have used it multiple times with friends.”