By: Mia Grauer 

Name: Jessica Meek

Goal: To push me and my team to be the best we possibly can. 

Height: 5’7

Team: Lightning Softball

Class of 2024

What position do you play and why? 

I play second base because that’s where my team needs me and it’s one of my favorite positions out on the field. My parents put me in softball when I was about seven years old and ever since then I’ve loved the game and wanted to keep playing. 

Why did you join the softball team? 

I’ve played softball since I was a little girl and always looked up to those that played in high school. I wanted to be just like them one day. 

What do you enjoy the most about playing on the Bay’s team? 

What I enjoy most about playing on the school team is the team’s culture and how much fun we have each and every day. For example, before every game, we all listen to music to get pumped up and ready for game time. No matter what, I can always count on my teammates to make me laugh and push me to do my best. 

What is your biggest accomplishment this season? 

My biggest accomplishment this season is helping the team work towards our goal of changing the culture. What this means is that every single person out on the field is giving it their all but having fun at the same time.